Daily horoscope 26 december

You trust your own and others' perceptions only if they're grounded in fact. This works well in plenty of situations -- attending to mundane business, for example, or constructing a professional or academic project.

Daily Horoscope for December 26

But when it comes to dealing with people and emotions, a different approach may be needed. Don't forget that rationality doesn't apply to feelings. Be open on more than the mental level. Your friends and coworkers seem a little aloof today.

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You might prefer a warmer, more sociable atmosphere, but you're preoccupied with your own responsibilities, too. The current energy is just right for getting a lot accomplished, no matter how tedious or complicated the job might be.

26 DECEMBER 2018, AAJ KA RASHIFAL ।Today horoscope -Daily/Dainik bhavishya in Hindi Suresh Shrimali

A methodical approach works best. It allows you to see any places where the process breaks down, so you can rework or revise, and move on. You're an emotional person at your core, and sometimes your feelings get in the way of logic or reason.

But that isn't likely to happen today, because your mind and heart are working smoothly together. You're able to blend common sense with intuition, reason with compassion, with great results. This holistic perspective makes it easy to tackle whatever you might have on your agenda, whether professional or personal in nature.

Horoscope today: December 26, 2018

The current cosmic energy is logical in nature. It's important to stay grounded. Approach your work and other tasks methodically. Set high standards and then focus on attaining them. Most of all, follow through on the goals you set and the promises you make. You're methodical in your approach to work and other responsibilities today.

You'll find that a logical, step-by-step process works best in almost any situation. You tend to focus naturally on the standard that has been set or the rules that have been established, and under the current influence, that focus pays off. At the very least, your performance will impress your employer or set a good example for others. You vibrate in a good astral tone, but in your hands to make these opportunities crystallize in an effective way.

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You receive money from business on the radio, television or media so if you are going to be involved in some type of activity related to this field you expect the best these final days of the year. Love Take care of a relationship and do not jump to conclusions or make festive decisions in a hasty way judging by appearances since you could err and think something that is certainly not so.

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Before acting, analyze the pros and cons well, do not get carried away by emotions of the moment. Health Take more care with your health and do not improvise anything without having previously informed with serious professionals or with knowledgeable and qualified people.

A badly prepared remedy or a poorly performed exercise could harm you. Work Concentrate on what you are doing every moment and remove obsessive worries from your mind which, when distracted, can cause minor accidents in your work. With care and attention you will avoid many problems now that you are entering a good productive phase, Scorpio. As the Moon harmonises with Uranus, Mercury and the Lunar Nodes, it helps you find allies and find inspiration.


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