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The clever software design allows you to see many things on the screen at one time, while also not being overwhelmed by too much information. In this video we show how using the pull down menus, tabs, and the navigating tools you can easily bring up the information that you want. Bindu also integrates beautifully with the Kepler and Sirius astrology programs, so you do no enter the birth data again into the other program.

The astrology software companies Bindu Astrology Software, which has its headquarters in Tehran, Iran and Cosmic Patterns Software and Matrix Software, which has its headquarters, in Florida, United States, work together closely as partners to provide you the best astrology software. Bindu is available from these websites: www.

The Bindu Astrology Software team have now entered the world of mobile apps, and we expect to be coming out with more mobile apps in the near future.

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Bindu automatically informs you to keep your software up-to-date with the latest corrections and improvements! Built into Bindu is an automatic updater feature that informs the user when a minor or major update is available.

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  • Our policy is to fix any minor and major bug as soon as possible. Therefore, we frequently fix any possible bug, calculation problem, display issue or error messages as soon as reported by users or discovered by our testers and developer team.

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    6. Kundli Software 3.7 Update.

    Every time you run Bindu, it connects to update server to check for available updates. You return to the Play Store and begin the installation. It finishes!

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    Oh, suddenly the sunlight hits the screen. You can barely see anything now.

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    Can't risk tapping on Uninstall so you cover the screen with your palm and reach closer. You press it, it opens… you are saved!

    Astrology by AstroSage or Kundli Software — Astrology is a mobile astrology app that does pretty much the same thing as any astrology app would do, and that is generating horoscope reports. But Astrology is also an online store for goods and services. One interesting service is the possibility of consulting with an established astrologist on a series of common subjects such as finance, love, your auspicious moments and even birth time rectification.

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    Imagine, backtracking through your life events in order to pinpoint the exact time of birth. To me it seems like planning a route to a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy it's called astrogation, look it up. There's also one for "Will I get Government Job? It's interesting that you also have the option to open their online site. Which contains the same things but is more mouse pointer friendly. Kundli Software — Astrology is a well worth a look at if you need horoscope reports on your tablet or phone. Concerning the quality of those reports, you'll just have to check for yourself. Kundli Software - Astrology Horoscope 3. Field Astrologist You are on the train and it just so happens that you urgently require an astrology report.

    Ask our experts Astrology by AstroSage or Kundli Software — Astrology is a mobile astrology app that does pretty much the same thing as any astrology app would do, and that is generating horoscope reports. Features Kundli and Horoscope Matching — You get to check your horoscope or check your compatibility with another. AstroShop — A store where you can purchase anything from gemstones, idols to paid software plans that unlock other app features. Astrologers — You can use Astrology to contact different astrology experts. Pros It has an astrological shop You can hire an astrologist The horoscope includes predictions on multiple time frames Uses the GPS positioning to select the place of birth Cons It forgets birth data if you leave the screen but you can save profiles if you upgrade to a paid plan It cannot export a horoscope but it will if you upgrade It's slow!